Coworking & Community for the Modern Womxn


Our Mission

The Vanguard House is an empowering and productive home for the modern day womxn. We are dedicated to the economic, social and personal growth of womxn. We believe that this womxn-centric coworking & community space will unlace and support the limitless possibilities for all womxnkind.

We can't wait to meet you!


Design Inspiration

The Vanguard House will provide an inspiring collaborative workspace. 

We will offer short term PlayCare for our entrepreneurial mothers, mentorships programs, speakers series, workshops and events.

Our Space Will Provide:

  • coworking - open floor-plan, cozy nooks & private offices (TBD)

  • cafe

  • coed conference room

  • Short term for child care, “PlayCare”

  • office center/mail center

  • self care amenities


Buffalo New York

Location TBD